Yankees Baseman Alex Rodriguez Among America’s 10 Most Disliked Athletes

Alex Rodriguez

Yankees baseman Alex Rodriguez, Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo and Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick are on Forbes’ 2013 list of America's 10 Most Disliked Athletes.

Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te'o and professional road racing cyclist Lance Armstrong lead the list, based on public surveys by Nielsen Sports and market research firm E-Poll.
Here is a snapshot of the three, along with excerpted comments by Forbes:

Alex Rodriguez
Third Baseman, New York Yankees
Appeal: 22%
“Where to even start with A-Rod, the human drama that’s entering the 10th year of a Broadway run? That’s longer than 'Jersey Boys.' Depending on the outcome of his latest PED fiasco, Rodriguez could easily shoot higher.”

Michael Vick
Quarterback, Philadelphia Eagles
Appeal: 23%
“See Metta World Peace - reputations take a while to come back. At least Vick is moving steadily down the list from the top spot he used to occupy.”

Tony Romo
Quarterback, Dallas Cowboys
Appeal: 27%

“Takes lot of heat for a good quarterback who has never harmed anyone or been in trouble off the field. That’s life with the high-profile Cowboys - when you don’t get to the Super Bowl, people find a way to blame the QB.”

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