Achillion: Poised For Growth And Now Is The Time To Buy

Back in late October I wrote an article (read it here) about Achillion Pharmaceuticals (ACHN) in which I suggested that it could be a solid speculative biotech stock to purchase. I was a bit too soon with that call since the stock has gone from $9.54/share down to about $8.00/share as of today.

The reason I offered the suggestion at that time was because there was the annual AASLD conference being held in mid November, at which time ACHN was giving a major presentation. I noted;

"In just a few weeks the AASLD meetings (review the meeting information here) will commence, and Achillion will not only be a major presence, they more than likely will be a major focus, since ACHN is one of the last companies standing with a drug combination that appears to be working.

An anticipated exhibit as well as a major presentation of the company's success during this meeting could have the potential suitors begin a bidding process for a potential buyout of the entire company."


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