WINNER! GEM's SELFEO Named Best Social Network Mobile App for 2017


GARDEN CITY, N.Y.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Innovative social media technology company Giga Entertainment Media (“GEM”) today announced its successful app, one of the most immersive, engaging, and user-friendly communication viewing and sharing experiences available for today's mobile devices, has been named Best Social Network Mobile Application for 2017 by the Web Marketing Association.

Eddie Huey, GEM’s Chief Technology Officer, said, "We are delighted that user satisfaction of our highly successful SELFEO app has brought us to the forefront of social media apps worldwide. In this highly competitive social media environment, winning this award is a distinct honor and an acknowledgement of the dedication and ingenuity of our team, our partners, and our user community to make SELFEO the success it is today."

The newly enhanced version 2.0 of SELFEO is available for download on Apple iOS devices via the App Store, with a version 2.0 coming soon to Android devices.

The latest version of SELFEO maintains multitasking and "picture in picture" technology, but boasts many exciting new functions, including:

  • Customizing the layout of your SELFEO with many ready-to-use templates to complement the content and produce a rich and visually engaging SELFEO.
  • Choosing your content and customizing it with ease. Find and select a clip from GEM’s exclusive video library or upload your own content straight from your device, then customize as you wish.
  • Learning what's trending daily. Explore the hottest SELFEOs, video clips, keywords and creators. The options are endless.
  • The ability to connect to other users with a revamped follow/unfollow feature, and the ability to like posts and SELFEOs created by other users, opening powerful communication channels that enhance the social media experience.


Set for launch in early 2018, OHMOJI is the next logical step in the evolution of GEM's product offerings and will add to —and benefit from — the current emoji craze.

According to Huey, “In early focus testing, we found users showed a positive response and incredible interest towards OHMOJI. Over half of the online population use a form of emoji, with that percentage growing daily. OHMOJI is a fun and innovative way to break away from the traditional static emoji experience to allow more personal customization.

"OHMOJI is designed to keep people engaged and give them something more to talk about and keep returning to the app. The unlimited possibilities of the creation process will also extend the time users spend in the app, forming a powerful product mix and opening the door to a successful monetization strategy.

"GEM's OHMOJI app allows users to customize and personalize the emoji experience by isolating their facial expressions as moving images and combining them with animated branded stickers. Users will be able to record their expressions for a wide range of emotions, such as “excitement,” “laughter,” “puppy eyes” or even “OMG!”

The keyboard module is where all your favorite OHMOJIs are stored for easy retrieval and use in your favorite applications. Users can compile customized libraries of OHMOJIs as part of the free app experience, and in the near future, GEM plans to offer exciting, customizable upgrades that will be available for users to purchase and advertisers to sponsor.

OHMOJI’s integration with SELFEO will allow an OHMOJI user to take one of their creations and integrate them into engaging and interactive scenes from SELFEO’s exclusive library. This will allow groups of users to be a part of a conversation.

OHMOJI is now patent pending with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

Download Selfeo 2.0 Here

About Giga Entertainment Media

Giga Entertainment Media (GEM) is an innovative media and entertainment technology company dedicated to taking the ordinary mobile screen viewing experience and making it extraordinary. Finding content is easy. But at GEM, we know people watching content on their mobile devices want more. More interaction with friends. More integration with social media. More opportunities to multitask. And more is what we give them through our innovative, interactive multi-screen mobile applications, available for free on all current-generation Apple and Android mobile devices. GEM’s 21st century approach to mobile video content starts with its multi-screen, multitasking Viewer platform, and users wanting a deeper dive into the social viewing experience can immerse themselves with SELFEO. More ways to interact with content means more ways to engage with each other, and we have more exciting ideas on the way. At GEM, we’re just getting started.

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