Johnson & Johnson Management Presents at Citi Global Healthcare Conference


It’s very much appreciated. Many of the sessions we’ve had with several of your peers in this space have revolved around oncology, which is the dominant therapeutic area increasingly of many of the activities and J&J has taken a somewhat different tact historically from many of your peers by building verticals along particular diseases rather than having broad platforms. And with the evolution of immunooncology, which is a platform which works across multiple modalities, it would seem to force some mindshift change within sponsors. So I’m just interested in how J&J is thinking about that as you structure your R&D and your clinical practice and the way you think you’re evolving.

Amit Hazan

Maybe before Joaquin gives his answer, I’ll give him a minute to gather his thoughts and I’ll read the FLS real quick here. Before we begin, please be aware that some statements made today may be considered forward-looking statements or utilize non-GAAP measures. Please refer to our SEC filings, in particular the 10-K, which discuss all of the risks and uncertainties around forward-looking statements as well as the Johnson & Johnson website for reconciliations to comparable GAAP measures.


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