GE: Jack Welch Returns, Maybe Better Than Ever


Background - my evolution on GE

Just a brief mention of my published points of view on GE (GE). After this year's Q1 earnings release, with the stock near $30, I contributed my first article on GE. This was bearish. The bearish thesis was basically that the company was operationally weak, with that weakness being (sort of) covered up by confusing accounting metrics and an emphasis on non-GAAP "earnings."

I continued to criticize the stock price after Q2 earnings, with the same theme, though with the stock down, just below $26.

These points were almost the same as the ones I began propounding back in July 2013 in my first IBM (IBM) article. With the stock near $190, I titled that article written after weak Q3 results, IBM And The Media Attempt To Obscure Its Declining Business Results. This is how I looked at GE, but not just GE. Also, after Q1 earnings, I wrote a bearish article on another old icon, AT&T (NYSE:T), AT&T: Reasons Not To Touch This Stock. The first summary bullet point of that article basically could have been applied to my prior GE and IBM articles:


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