IBM: Is Now A Good Time To Buy?


A painful five-year TBTF "Core holding"

International Business Machines Corporation (NYSE:IBM), the market's "AAPL" of 50+ years ago, has evolved through several commercial "lifetimes" (although perhaps not as many as General Electric (NYSE:GE)), demonstrating that it truly is "too big to (need to) fail".

There is still way too much "big iron" computing equipment intricately enmeshed in the everyday activities of this (USA) nation's productive resources to see it quickly transformed from silver halide into pixels.

But technology's advances have put a serious hurt to IBM's "legacy revenues" and the past five years have discouraged many institutional investors from continuing to have capital commitments in its foreseeable future. A -20% stock price irregular decline over the past five years has verified the conclusion of many investment committees.


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