IBM: Selling Impetus For Warren Buffett


Buffett Is Not A Buy-and-Hold Forever Investor

Contrary to popular belief, Warren Buffett is not a buy-and-hold-forever investor. Perhaps the most ardent subscriber of the “never-sell” investing strategy or policy is that of our very own community participant Buyandhold 2012. He is an advocate of buying stocks judiciously and then forgetting about selling them thereafter. He has reiterated this point almost ad infinitum in the comments section (take a look here and there) of numerous articles in Seeking Alpha, particularly those related to blue-chip stocks like Unilever (UL)(UN) and McDonald's (MCD).

buyandhold 2012 comment on Unilever

On the other hand, investing legend Warren Buffett has made it clear that Berkshire Hathaway (BRK.A)(BRK.B) never committed to not sell any of its tradable holdings. Note that he made a distinction between listed securities and those the company controlled entirely. In his latest shareholder letter, he stated (emphasis mine):


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