Paul Szyarto Joins Northeast Stem Starter Academy As Co-Chairman


Paul Szyarto

Paul Szyarto, serial entrepreneur, CEO of Campana & Schott, and co-founder of VMMA, announced today that he has joined the board of directors of Northeast STEM Starter Academy (NSSA) as co-chairman. Leveraging his 20 years of experience in STEM-based consulting, Paul will dedicate his free time to support the organization’s campaign to secure capital for a building while helping to further strengthen the board through his professional relationships. As part of his involvement with NSSA, Paul’s personal aim is to encourage other leaders to get involved in local communities by donating time and/or resources in order to enrich the lives of children from all walks of life, create opportunities for them to embark on the path to career success, and help to foster diversity in STEM.

NSSA’s mission is to bring education and opportunity to at-risk students from underserved communities with the goal of engaging them in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) while fostering their interest in exploring higher education and/or rewarding careers in STEM-related fields. NSSA’s technology and science center accepts students based on either their direct interest or recommendations from teachers and/or parents.

“More than 30 million children in America are growing up in poverty requiring many to make a decision between continuing with school, finding a job, or reverting to gang, drugs, and violence to survive,” said Paul Szyarto. “Introducing children to STEM programs at a young age stimulates their minds to develop in new areas of learning and decision making and allows these children to gain access to the higher paying jobs of tomorrow. America can easily solve the poverty issue by preparing our most needed children with the assets they need to succeed. In addition, supporting children today will help organizations like Campana and Schott who depend on STEM educated resources, identify the next great resources of tomorrow to help so many organizations succeed!”

The city of Mt. Vernon suffers the highest crime, poverty, and unemployment rate in the affluent county of Westchester. This negatively impacts public school graduation rates as the public school graduation rate is 30 to 40 percent lower than in neighboring communities. With hard work and persistence, NSSA is sparking local children’s’ engagement in school by challenging them with hands-on STEM activities, such as coding, robotics and aviation. Through its course offerings, the organization provides children with the chance to think critically, work in teams, and develop leadership skills that translate to value in the adult world.

“We are delighted to have Paul Szyarto join us in our mission to support the high-need community in Mt. Vernon,” said Gerald Dennis, Executive Director, Northeast STEM Starter Academy (NSSA). “He is a great example of an executive donating his valuable free time and resources to support an organization that helps children with the goal of positively impacting the direction of their future.”

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CEO of the North American operations of Campana & Scott, an international provider of business transformation solutions, Paul Szyarto is globally recognized by companies and research institutions for his project management acumen and experience transforming businesses into successful project organizations and for delivering some of the world’s largest project initiatives. Paul’s experience in the PM/PPM industry spans 20 years focusing on PM/PPM/IT solutions. He maintains an active Project Management Professional Certification, Microsoft Certified IT Professional for EPM Certification, and an SAP Certified Associate for Project Systems Certification, with an MS in Program/Project Management from Brandeis University, an MBA from Oxford University (UK), and is a graduate of the prestigious Advanced Management Program from Wharton Business School and the Dale Carnegie School of Leadership. Beyond supporting diverse public and private organizations with transforming their businesses into highly efficient operations, Paul mentors entrepreneurs and teaches martial arts and tactical training throughout the world. To learn more about Paul Szyarto, please visit: To learn more about Campana and Schott, please visit:


Northeast STEM Starter Academy’s (NSSA) mission is to introduce the marvels of all areas of science to children on a systematic, frequent and regularly scheduled basis, enabling our underserved and at-risk students to experience, explore and personalize the resulting discoveries. Technology & Science centers embedded in the community, embraced by the school system and freely available to children, parents and teachers alike have proven to be successful interveners needed in the metropolitan and impoverished areas around the country. We seek to create a center in Mt. Vernon that will provide students with access and exposure to enriched STEM learning that can empower them with the desire, motivation and skills needed to pursue careers as doctors, scientists, technologists and engineers.

Why a technology and science center for Mt. Vernon, NY? Because the children living in the only major city in the state of NY where minorities represent the majority of the population with African American at almost 70 percent should not have their futures determined by their zip code. A city that compromises less than 10 percent of the affluent Westchester County’s total population but accounts for the majority of the county’s murder rate. Mount Vernon has a higher crime rate, poverty rate, unemployment rate and consistently graduates 30 to 40 percent fewer students each year from it public schools than those in the surrounding communities. NSSA provides these children and children from the region with access and exposure to enhanced, challenging STEM learning that when coupled with hard work and persistence will allow them to break through existing barriers and achieve life success

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