JB&B Launches Innovative Efforts To Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions


Leading Mechanical and Electrical Consulting Engineering Firm Commits to NYC Office of Sustainability’s Carbon Challenge to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 40 Percent

JB&B is pleased to announce that project engineers Molly Dee and Paul Kenline are leading the effort to meet the New York CityMayor’s Office of Sustainability’s Carbon Challenge, a voluntary leadership program for over 100 organizations around the city that have committed to reduce their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 30% or more over the course of ten years. The program brings together building commercial owners and their tenants to discuss and implement ways to reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emissions.

A Plan for A Better Future

The Carbon Challenge is a criticalelementof New York City’s commitment to reduce GHG emissions 80% by 2050 from 2005 levels.Because the energy used in New York City’s one million buildings represents 68% of citywide GHG emissions, and more than 90% of the buildings that exist today will still be here in 2050, improving the energy efficiency of the city’s existing building stock represents the greatest opportunity to reduce citywide GHG emissions.JB&B is participating in this initiativeto raise awareness about sustainability among employees and lead by example for peers in the industry.

Implementing Change

As a participant in the Carbon Challenge, JB&B has set itself the formidable goal of reducing 40% ofGHG emissions by 2026 from a baseline year of 2009. Attainment metrics will be measured from electricity consumption and waste output from its tenancy at 80 Pine Street. JB&B has already implemented the following efforts:

Comprehensive lighting upgrades.

Actively encouraging proper sorting of waste including mandatory training sessions, waste auditing, and a third partypartnership to recycle large drawings.

Reduction in plug load levels by implementing timers for computer screens and other IT equipment.

Whiletaking actionto achieve JB&B’s goals, Dee and Kenline are educating themselves further on the topic, participating in a series of working groups with the Mayor’s Office of Sustainability to implement as many effective methods as possible. The knowledge gleaned from these sessions is being used to create information campaigns for members of the firm as well as colleagues throughout the industry.

"Improving the way we operate buildings is vital to reducing NYC’s greenhouse gas emissions," said Mark Chambers, Director of the Mayor’s Office of Sustainability. “Carbon Challenge participants are important partners in this work, and we commend JB&B for joining New York City’s efforts to fight climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. By doing their part to increase sustainability and improve their energy efficiency, they serve as examples for others who can join them to do even more.”

About JB&B

JB&B is a leading mechanical and electrical consulting engineering firm with a reputation for quality project support and insistence on providing its clients with optimal, project-specific engineering solutions. Since its founding in 1915, JB&B has nurtured decades-long relationships with its clients by putting the clients’ needs first. For more information, please visit the firm’s website at www.jbb.com.

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