XRE Letter to Stakeholders


 It has been a year since launching XRE, and the team and I can confidently say that we have asserted our position in the middle-market; subsequently paving the way toward redefining the commercial real estate deal. Although the strides we have made may seem singular from an outside market perspective, there is much plurality surrounding the operational processes we have implemented across our young organization. We have thoroughly equipped our sales team with the tools to obtain the utmost efficiency across all aspects of the transaction process from sourcing to streamlining the deal process.

Since launch, our systems have progressively captured all communication with market participants, enabling us to develop metrics for areas ranging from market engagement to performance of individual agents. Simultaneously, our organization has developed processes which gather and digest transaction data, providing us with market level insights which we utilize to draw inferences and draft strategies related to sourcing and market interaction. We have discovered this to be incredibly useful in a small sales team, such as ours, as it enables our agents to cover territories and asset classes which are witnessing an uptick in transaction activity, and allows our organization to gain a comprehensive outlook of the entire market landscape. As we begin to scale our organization, we plan on tailoring this process to suit a larger sales team.

Our existing systems have brought transparency to our entire organization; providing our team with access to all internal deal flow & transaction stages, internal & external metrics, and access to our iterative property & client database. All of these factors have created an unprecedented amount of trust and collaboration across our organization, leading us to facilitate eleven transactions and source a broad range of middle-market opportunities with a total dollar volume of over $750 million in on & off-market listings.

Furthermore, operational efficiency created by our systems have had a direct impact on the way we serve our clients and the overall marketplace. We have the ability to cater transaction opportunities to investors in a manner which suits current market trends while providing sellers with deep insights into pricing, market forces, and variability. The most effective aspect, however, is reflected in the way we have and continue to assist our "one off" sellers, as this subset of sellers often falls victim to short-term arbitrage seekers or is sometimes perplexed by a false sense of market value for its asset(s) and the broader market. Our sales team has successfully implemented ways to capture market metrics and communicate them to the sellers in a straightforward and personalized manner, which provides the sellers with a sense of value backed by tangible context. Overall, our team is extremely cognizant of the way in which we interact with the marketplace and ensures that all interactions are conducive to achieving our goal of bridging the information disconnect between the stakeholders and the market. XRE is committed to solving this matter.

Our internal goals for the next twelve months are to grow our sales force and develop systems to ensure that we have a high rate of conversion from listings to transactions. Outwardly, we are working to pioneer systems which enable us to communicate deal flow to our investor base in a targeted way, while allowing our investors to communicate inquiries and interest about transactions directly through a technology portal. The biggest challenge we face is recruiting the right talent, onboarding our new team members in a manner which upholds our operational edifice, and empowering them with the tools to create an efficient feedback loop which continually creates new and effective ways to improve our systems and processes.

Although we have established a solid foundation under an inhospitable transaction climate, we are extremely opportunistic about our challenges and our ability to provide solutions to tackle them. We will continue our march towards redefining the commercial real estate deal by developing products and systems which build an organized market framework for a highly fragmented marketplace, while simultaneously facilitating transactions across a multitude of markets and asset classes.


Yagnesh Vangala


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