Goldman Sachs Group: Fair Total Return For This Investment Bank


This article is about Goldman Sacks Group (NYSE:GS) and why it's a hold for the total return investor. Goldman Sacks Group is one of the largest investment banks. I have had comments in previous articles about why I compare performance to the DOW average. I use the DOW average for performance comparison because six of the companies in the Good Business Portfolio are in the DOW and they got there by being good businesses that make money in good and bad times. So I will look at some other DOW companies and see if they perform well enough to add to my portfolio. The fifth to look at is Goldman Sacks Group and it's a hold for the total return investor. I personally do not invest in banks of any size because of the mess they made in the 2008-9 great recession.

Fundamentals of Goldman Sacks Group will be reviewed in the following topics below The Good Business Portfolio Guidelines, Total Return and Yearly Dividend, Last Quarter's Earnings, Company Business and Takeaways And Recent Portfolio Changes.


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