Dian Griesel International Rebrands PR Division as DGI Comm


Dian Griesel International (DGI) has rebranded its strategic visibility public relations division as DGI Comm.

The DGI Comm (DGI) division will continue to create and expand strategic visibility in print, broadcast and online outlets for clients and brands while delivering the benefits proven by increased and quantifiable audience engagement and action.

The Visibility Strategists™ at DGI Comm design media campaigns that effectively engage desired audiences based on predetermined marketing and public relations goals. DGI's powerful established web of traditional and digital media, social influencer and advocate outreach, along with its proprietary digital distribution platforms deliver an unprecedented mix of coveted media coverage. The result is greater corporate and management thought-leadership status along with strategic mass-media brand visibility. DGI clients are regularly featured in the best traditional media print placements (newspapers, magazines and trades); top market broadcast interviews (television and radio); exclusive digital outlets; unique digital print and video content; and experience hundreds of thousands of social interactions with influencers and advocates. The DGI Platformance™ approach drives engagement, favorable opinions and positive perceptions that trigger action.

DGI's long and successful history is attributed to collaboration and action plans that are built upon a unique understanding of human motivation and behavior as they relate to both business-to-business and business-to-consumer challenges. For more than 20 years, DGI has been hired to create and oversee branding campaigns via public relations outreach that are always FTC, SEC and FDA compliant.

"I'm proud to say that I've had the opportunity to collaborate with everyone at DGI, side by side, for 10-plus years. We truly work as a team and do this incredibly well together. Everyone brings their unique set of skills, talent and perspective to every project we undertake. It is time for our name to identify us as the team we are, while also reflecting our commitment to creating outstanding communications programs," said Dian Griesel, Ph.D., President, when commenting on this rebranding.

DGI Comm will continue to work with writers and producers at established newspapers, magazines, radio, television/cable and digital outlets, pitching highly creative and engaging article ideas that result in coveted media placements. Additionally, the DGI PR Visibility Experts will also write articles for DGIwire.com, an original content platform that has a large website audience; distribution on more than 100 established media websites; more than 395,000 opted-in social media followers on a variety of branded pages; thousands of weekly newsletter subscribers; and a unique tagging system to target content-related social media advocates and influencers. DGIwire is a limited-content site, with high traffic and no outside advertisers. It is a proprietary property of DGI. Through direct client relationships and partnerships with advertising agencies, DGIwire has been used successfully countless times to launch new products, build brand recognition, raise awareness of unbranded pharmaceutical sites, recruit for clinical trials and increase national awareness for public and non-public companies, non-profits, universities and colleges, important social issues and more.

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